Enjoy the Dream of a

Successful Retirement

Protect your principal and retire Well

As a retirement specialist for over 10 years, Nico has learned to challenge the status quo of traditional financial thinking. Pesci Financial Group will give you the freedom to protect your principal.


Join us for a no obligation, seminar presentation to discuss common questions that investors have about the strategies and the market today. Enjoy a complimentary gourmet meal at the same time!


Are you wondering what kind of fees you are paying and what they are for? When you meet with Nico he will do a complete fee analysis. Many times clients realize they are paying too much!


Safety First

At Pesci Financial Group we know how hard you work. Your future retirement is the fruit of all that labor.  If your retirement strategy isn’t optimized for you personally, there is a chance you could lose your money during a stock market downturn, or because it was invested in a high volatility place.  Nobody wants that. We can help you achieve a successful retirement.

Keep It Simple

Navigating investments, the market and even a retirement specialist can be overwhelming. We approach investing with a simple to understand philosophy. You need to know where your hard-earned money is going. We are here to help.

Reasonable Rate of Return

At Pesci Financial Group we offer our clients products that allow them to have a safe, reasonable rate of return. We believe in protecting your principal AND interest while still achieving this rate of return.

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